Improve Your Wellbeing and Enhance Your Digital Life


Are your eyes tired and strained after staring at a computer screen all day? Do you get a headache after spending the day in front of technology? If so, you may be feeling the effects of too much blue light.

Blue light can be pretty bad for your eyes, and sometimes it’s impossible to avoid. Luckily, Blue Point Glasses can block the blue light and can counteract its negative consequences.

Better Focus

Reduces Glare and Eye Strain

Reduces CVS

Blue Point Glasses are specifically designed to protect your eyes against overexposure to the artificial blue light emitted by your digital devices. Computer glasses help us to avoid the potential side effects of Computer Vision Syndrome and ensure that our eyes feel rested after long hours in front of our screens.

To combat the effects of too much blue light exposure, consider wearing Blue Point Glasses.

Less Eye Strain and Headaches

Blue light helps increase contrast on your screen, making it easier to focus and subsequently reducing migraine attacks and reducing headaches and headache pain.

Sleep Better

Blue Point Glasses help optimize your sleep cycles by cutting down the blue light exposure to your eyes before you sleep.

Perfect For The ‘Nightowls’ Too

For all the night owls that are logging on to the screen at night, Blue Point Glasses can help protect your sleep cycle as well as regulate melatonin production.


Better Focus

Reduces Glare and Eye Strain

Reduces CVS

Improve Wellbeing

Better Sleep Cycles

Reduces Headaches

Safe To Use During
The Day and Night

Improve Focus

In the hustle and bustle of our digital lives, we all spend countless hours in front of our screens, and until very recently, we were doing this unprotected.

Now that we have more information about the potential side effects, it seems like a no-brainer to do everything we can to protect our vision. Our Blue Point Glasses are stylish and very comfortable and there’s no need for a prescription!


“I love the glasses, my favorite glasses so far can't wait to get another pair.” - Heather

“Very light, stylish and practical.” - Paul

“The glasses are perfect in terms of style, comfort, and durability! I am definitely looking to order another pair soon.” - Edward

“I found these blue filter glasses a blessing to my eyes! Goodbye headaches and eye strain!!” - Thomas

“A month ago I was struggling with eye strains and headaches since I spent 10+ hours on my computer. After purchasing the Blue Point Glasses my eyes are very healthy and I'm not experiencing headaches anymore.” - Laura


When Should I Wear My Blue Point Glasses?

You can wear Blue Point Glasses all day long if you use digital devices for hours. We also recommend wearing them late in the evening if you’re watching TV or being exposed to blue light.

Should I Wear Blue Point Glasses Everytime I Use My Computer?

In order to enjoy the benefits of Blue Point Glasses, it is recommended to wear them every time you are using any type of digital device.

Do Blue Point Glasses Help With Digital Eye Strain?

Blue Point Glasses are specifically designed to help prevent Digital Eye Strain, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome.

How To Clean Blue Light Glasses ?

Always make sure to use a microfiber cloth to clean any dust on the lenses. You can also wash your Blue Light Glasses with water and a pH neutral soap. Alternatively, use a commercial glasses cleaner, and always avoid solvents or alcohol.


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